ISOARC 112 E6013 General Purpose

Mild Steel General Purpose

The ideal, general purpose electrode. ISOARC 112 is a heavy-coated rutile electrode that gives a quality finish. The arc is easy to control and produces minimal spatter. Low amperage performance prevents distortion. Contact welding enables thin sections to be welded easily. Any slag is easily removed.

ISOARC 112 is used in workshops for welds requiring all round good weld appearance. Ideal for burglar bars, gates, framework, steel cabinets, piping, boilers, component manufacture and fabrications

Avoid excessive amperage, and use AC or DC straight polarity. Maintain a short arc and use a stringer-bead or weaving technique. Light gauge material may be contact welded. Slag is easily removed with minimal impact on the area surrounding the weld.

Should electrodes become moist redry at 120° C for 1 hour.

AWS E6013 General Purpose
DIN E 43 32 R (C) s
ISO E 43 2 R 15
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE 540 - 600 N/mm²
YIELD >480 N/mm²
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.08
Manganese 0.6
Silicone 0.3
Chromium 0.035
Molybdenum 0.03
Nickel 0.043

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.0 300mm 30 -70A 5kg El11220
2.5 350mm 70 -110A 5kg El11225
3.2 350mm 100 - 150A 5kg El11230
4.0 450mm 120 - 200A 5kg El11240
5.0 450mm 180 - 260A 5kg El11250
6.3 450mm 220 - 300A 5kg El11263