ISOARC E316L -16
Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes

This electrode is characterised by a steady arc with very little spatter, high welding speed and easy slag removal. It produces a smooth concave weld surface in a horizontal fillet weld, which improves the resistance to fatigue. A flat weld surface is obtained in butt welds and this reduces grinding costs. Isoarc  316L is used for welding austenitic Cr-Ni-Mo steels of the ASTM 316 and 316L types. It can also be used for welding niobium and titanium stabilised steels, such as ASTM 316Ti and 316Nb in cases where the welded component will be operating at temperatures not exceeding 400°C. For higher temperatures a stabilised welding consumable should be used. 
IIt is suitable as a buffer layer for hardfacing applications. It is widely used throughout the paper, chemical, fertilizer, dairy, distillery and construction industries. Ideal for steel types 303, 304, 316, 317, 318, 321, 329. Corrosion resistance: is excellent for  general, pitting and intercrystalline corrosion in chloride containing environments. Intended for severe service conditions, e.g. in dilute hot acids 

Isoarc  316L should be welded using a short arc or with its coating sliding along the workpiece. Direct current (positive polarity) is preferable. The best result is achieved by using an amperage in the upper part of the amperage range given, i.e. slightly higher than the amperage generally used for other electrode types. To ensure good penetration it is often advantageous to tack weld with a somewhat larger gap than that used when welding with rutile and basic electrodes..

Should electrodes become moist re-dry at 350° C for 1 hour

AWS SFA A5.4 E316 L-16
DIN E 19 12 3 nC R 26
ISO E 19 12 3 LR 26
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE > 540-590 N/mm²
YIELD > 390 N/mm²
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.025max
Manganese 1.0
Silicone < 1.0
Chromium 19.50
Molybdenum 2.2
Nickel 12.00
Copper 0.1

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.0 300mm 20 - 50A 1kg EL31620
2.5 350mm 50 -80A 5kg EL31625
3.2 350mm 70 - 100A 5kg EL31632
4.0 350mm 90 - 140A 5kg EL31640
5.0 350mm 120 - 170A 5kg EL31650