Welding Electrodes

Local manufacturers of the ISOARC range of welding electrodes for the last 41 years.

ISOARC Welding Wire

Mild Steel, Low Alloy & Stainless Steel

Gouging carbons and torches

Pointed & Jointed Carbons
Foundry & Gouging torches

Stainless Steel

Thuthuka are agents for Avesta Welding and supply the complete range of Stainless Steel Welding Consumables in all grades

Auto darkening welding helmets

South African agent for the Optrel range of auto darkening welding helmets

Clean Air

Weld without fumes.
Clean-air system supplies clean air filtered directly into the welder’s helmet.


Mig, Tig, DC Stick, Plasma, Subarc


We have a large stock of hire machines available. These are available for short or long term hire contracts.


We repair all makes of welding machines and give a 3 month warranty

Safety Equipment

Pickling Paste

We stock a range of products for degreasing, cleaning, pickling and passivating of Stainless Steel

Welding Torches

Torches, tips, cables, grinding discs, torch spares, helmet spares, chipping hammers