Optrel E3000 PAPR system

Newest technology in respiratory protection

Reliably protects its wearer from smoke, aerosol particles, and dust. The e3000 PAPR system.

Effective aeration and ventilation is generally necessary for all work areas. Room ventilation solutions are elementary, but not always sufficient. An additional local exhaust vent in the immediate vicinity of a work station is hard to bring about and also risks suctioning off valuable protective gases.
If each worker is to be comprehensively protected from hazardous particles, personal protective breathing equipment is indispensable.

The e3000 PAPR system allows optrel to guarantee

  • the highest class of protection (TH3) from respirable particles (smoke, aerosol, and dust). Breathing air becomes cleaner by a factor of up to 500. 
  • even air distribution in the fresh air helmet.
  • automatic air flow control.
  • additional cooling effect for keeping a cool head about you.

Better working conditions for greater efficiency and comfort and better performance.


DescriptionPowered Air Purifying Respirator with integrated airflow-sensor and three selectable flow rates TypeTH3P R SL filter for TH3P system (EU)
Protection levelProtection level TH3 (EN 12941)Hose length 0.7 m (elastic up to 1.3 m) Standards
Flow ratesLevel 1: min. 150 l/min
Level 2: min. 200 l/min
Level 3: min. 250 l/min
StandardsEN 12941:1998/A2:2008,
AS/NZS 1716:2012,
EAC: TP TC 019/2011
FuseElectronic fuseNotified body / Lic. No.CE 1024, SAI Global, EAC
Noisemax. 70dbAScope of deliveryBlower unit with hose, TH3P R SL filter, battery, fabric belt, charger, user instructions
Dimensions222 x 213 x 92,6 mm (LxWxH)Warranty2 years from date of sales for manufacturing and material defects, 6 months warranty for battery
Weight1.560 g (incl. filter, belt, and battery) 1.750 g (longlife-model with Power battery)Colorgreen or blue