Gouging Torch
S - 15

For gouging, cutting, bevelling, piercing and flushing metal, a Gouging Torch removes most kinds of metal.

The “Air-Carbon-Arc” gouging process is more economical than burning,  chipping, grinding etc. This method cuts or gouges metal by melting base  metal with an electric arc and blowing away molten metal with high velocity  compressed air. Since this is a physical (not chemical) process, our gouging torches can be used on most metals with minimal deformation because of their low heat input.

The S-15 Torch is designed for general purpose gouging applications. The S-15 torch is used by:

  • Fabricators, tanks shops, shipyards, heavy industrial plants, construction firms, quarries and mines
  • For plate edge preparation, back-gouging welds, removal of old or defective welds
  • Ideal for repair and general maintenance of equipment

All torches will accommodate round and flat electrodes. By using flat electrodes, the following are some applications:

  • Selective scarfing of carbon and low alloy steel billets
  • Removing surface cracks from dies providing a smooth base for the new deposit
  • Removing hard facing
Part No.Torch ModelMax. AmpElectrode Size
40003S-15 7" 360° swivel cable10005/32" THRU 1/2", 3/8 & 5/8 FLAT