Cast Iron Welding Electrodes
E-Ni Fe C1 - Isoarc 260

55% Cast Iron electrode

Use ISOARC 260 for cold welding all types of cast iron. Particularly recommended for pressure tight welds on heavy castings and circumferential pipe welds. The specially formulated low hydrogen graphite type flux coating allows for soft welding with the highest joint strength and full machinability. The deposit is very dense, and bonding is good even on difficult to weld cast iron.

Housings, machinery parts and frames, granulators, heavy pump housing, pressure chambers etc.

Maximum machinability and bonding on heavy sections is obtained by pre-heating to 150 degrees. Medium short arc should be maintained. Back-step technique and light peening of the welds is recommended. Before welding the repair area must be machined or ground clean. If ground, remove carborundum particles with an oxidizing flame, searing the area to be welded. Depending on wall thickness, a U or a double U welding preparation must be made. Use a short arc and keep the electrode at a steep angle. Remove slag and peen lightly. Always restrike on the weld deposit and never on the parent metal as this induces thermal shock.

AWS E-Ni Fe C1
DIN E-Ni Fe G3
ISO E Ni Fe/-/G25
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE > 460 N/mm²
BRINELL > 180 - 220 Brinell
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.5
Manganese 0.21
Phosphorous <0.03
Silicone 0.03
Sulphur <0.03
Nickel 50 -57
Copper 02.50

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.5 350mm 60 - 80A 5kg EL21525
3.2 350mm 70 - 110A 5kg EL21432
4.0 350mm 90 - 140A 5kg EL21440