HF60 Fine grained abrasion
Isoarc 443

Easy to use with both AC and DC positive polarity. The specially formulated coating permits good arc control with excellent bead appearance. The slag is easily removed and the high polish of the deposits contributes towards the excellent wear capabilities. Splatter is low. Weld deposits cannot be heat-treated and hardness is maintained up to 600 degrees.

ISOARC 443 is extensively used in the brick industry for surfacing the mixer blades and screws. Components in mining and mineral industries subject to fine grained materials achieve maximum life by using ISOARC 443.

Maintain medium to short arc, holding the electrode in the near vertical position. Pre-heating is normally not required, but very hard steels should be pre-heated to +-200°C. For heavy buildups, use ISOARC 168 for buffer layers. Do not deposit more than three layers of ISOARC 443. Manganese steels should be welded as cold as possible.

DIN E 10 - 60zt
Mechanical Properties
COMPOSITION C + Cr + Nb + Mn alloying elem
HARDNESS >RC 60 + after second layer.
Chemical Analysis

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
3.2 350mm 100 - 130A 5kg EL44332
4.0 350mm 140 - 160A 5kg EL44340