General Purpose HF60
(Isoarc 458)

This rutile type electrode can be used on AC or DC positive polarity. ISOARC 458 is easy to strike and restrike with low spatter and good slag detachability. The amperage range is very wide. Low amperage gives minimum dilution and therefore high hardness, high amperages will reduce hardness. Hardness is further influenced by the cooling rate of the deposit - the faster the cooling, the higher the hardness.

ISOARC 458 is a general purpose, versatile hard facing electrode ideal for earthmoving implements, tools and dies, scrapper blades, crusher jaws, metal working components, clutch slides, pump housings, graders blades, conveyor screws and components.

Maintain a medium arc, holding the electrode in almost vertical position. Pre-heating is recommended when welding steels of high harden ability. The weld metal cannot be machined without prior heat treatment. Should thicker deposits be required, use buffer layers with ISOARC 168 before hard facing. Do not weave more than three times the diameter of the electrode.

DIN E 2-55
Mechanical Properties
COMPOSITION Copper + Chromium + Molybdenum
HARDNESS >27-58 RC after second layer. Third layer 63RC
Chemical Analysis

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
3.2 350mm 80 - 125A 5kg EL46032
4.0 350mm 120 - 160A 5kg EL46040
5.0 450mm 180 -220A 5kg EL46050