HF350 (Rail Repairs)

ISOARC 350 is a basic coated electrode depositing a tough chrome alloy weld metal. The weld metalis capable of withstanding high impact and rolling loads with mild resistance to abrasive wear. The electrode is easy to use on AC or DC polarity featuring a very stable arc, neat beads and easily controllable weld deposit. The weld deposit is machineable.

ISOARC 350 is extensively used in the mining industry and is very useful for rail crossings and ends. All parts subject to medium wear requiring high impact values are protected by ISOARC 350.

Keep the arc short and hold it approximately 70°to the work piece. Keep deposits to a maximum of 3 layers and if a heavier build up is required, buffer layers of ISOARC 168 are recommended. Use stringer bead technique and do not weave more than three times the diameter of the electrode.

Hypereutectic, with chromium hexagonal primary carbides in a austenitic matrix

Re-dry damp electrodes at 350°C for 1 hour.

PRODUCT HF350 (Rail Repairs)
DIN E1-UM-350-P
Mechanical Properties
HARDNESS 32 - 40 Rockwell C
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.06
Manganese 0.90
Silicone 0.60
Chromium 4.50
Copper 0.20

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
3.2 350mm 130 - 150A 5kg EL35032
4.0 350mm 160 - 180A 5kg EL35040
5.0 350mm 170 - 220A 5kg EL35050
6.3 -mm A