Roller Arcing (Isoarc 453)

Isoarc 453 is an electrode for hard surfacing of steel components. This is a maintenance electrode for the hard surfacing of service sugar mill rollers. Mostly used on the rollers while the cane crushing process is taking place. The martenitic chromium carbide iron deposits of the Isoarc 453 rod gives mill roll teeth an enhanced gripping action. deposits have an exceptional abrasion resistance and withstand moderate to heavy impact levels

Easy to use with both AC or DC positive polarity. Hardly any slag remains on the welds, which is ideal for multiple layer applications. The high chrome content enables the deposit to withstand corrosion and heat attacks of up to 500deg C.

Stringer bead or weaving may be used. Medium to short arc recommended to obtain smooth surface finish. An arc length of up to twice the electrode diameter is advisable. Surface cross cracking will occur and is normal with high hardness deposits. Deposits are non-machinable.

Chrome Carbide is a martensitic structure

PRODUCT Isoarc 453
DIN 8555 E4-UM-60-ST
Mechanical Properties
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 3.98
Manganese 0.32
Phosphorous 0.023
Silicone 2.48
Sulphur 0.026
Chromium 27.87
Molybdenum 0.011
Nickel 0.15
Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
3.2 350mm 110-160A 5kg  
4.0 350mm 150-200A 5kg  
5.0 350mm 200-260A 5kg