Combo Impact/Abrasion resistance
(Isoarc 427)

Isoarc 427 is a good combination of resistance to abrasion and impact. The wear resistance of the electrode is superior to standard chromium carbon type electrodes. Many layers can be built without cracking. This may also be used for high temperature applications. Isoarc 427 is easily weldable and can be used in all positions.

Soil abrasion(bucket edges, sand pump casings, bulldozer teeth)- metal shears, tamping dies, mixer blades, ripper teeth and crusher jaws.

PRODUCT Isoarc 427
DIN 8555::E6-UM-55-R7
Mechanical Properties
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.6
Manganese 0.30
Silicone 0.73
Chromium 10.48
Molybdenum 1.32
Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
3.2 350mm 90-120A 4kg  
4.0 450mm 110-140A 4kg  
5.0 450mm 140-220A 4kg