HF55 Chrome Carbide
Isoarc 80

Isoarc 80 deposits a tough eutectic of austenite and metal carbide that can withstand impact at medium loads under abrasive conditions. The weld metal has a harness of approximately 550HV (52HRc), which can retain up to 400deg C.

The hardness and resistance to impact make the electrode suitable for use in a large variety of applications, which include sugar mill roll roughening, excavator bucket lips and teeth, dragline buckets, conveyor screws, rock chutes, etc.

Stringer bead or weaving may be used. Medium to short arc recommended to obtain smooth surface finish. An arc length of up to twice the electrode diameter is advisable. Surface cross cracking will occur and is normal with high hardness deposits.

AWS A5.13 EFe Cr-A4
PRODUCT Isoarc 80
DIN 8555 E10-UM-55-GPR
Mechanical Properties
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 3.0-4.0
Manganese 0.5-2.0
Silicone <1.0
Chromium ≥27.0
Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
3.2 450mm 120-130A 5kg  
4.0 450mm 150-160A 5kg  
5.0 450mm 180-200A 5kg