E7018-1 (Isoarc 133) MMA

Low Hydrogen basic coated AC/DC electrode. The weld metal deposit is of a high metallurgical and radiographic standard complying to AWS A5.1 grade 1

ISOARC 133 is specifically formulated to control heat input and reduce distortion. It is easy to use in all welding positions, has a stable arc and easily controlled slag. Suitable for AC and DC. The product is also available in a vacuum sealed packaging on request.

ISOARC 133 is widely used in the construction and fabrication industry on beams, angles, channel iron, pipelines, pressure tanks, railways carriages, ship building and by maintenance repair specialists.

Use ISOARC 133 with normal low-hydrogen techniques. As short an arc is to be kept were possible at all times. When starting a new electrode the arc should be initiated a short distance ahead of the start or crater and worked back over this distance before continuing the weld in the required direction. Avoid weaving and use several stringer beads.

Low hydrogen Electrodes must be re-baked prior to use The electrodes should be heated to 350°C - 370C for 1-2 hours prior to use.

AWS SFA 5.1 E7018-1 H8
DIN E 51 54 b 12 120
ISO E 51 5 b 120 16(H)
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE > 520 -580 N/mm²
YIELD > 430 - 500 N/mm²
IMPACTVALUE avg 50 J @ -50deg C
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.08
Manganese 1.4
Phosphorous 0.02max
Silicone 0.60
Sulphur 0.02max
Molybdenum 0.2

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.5 350mm 75 - 95A 5kg EL10325
3.2 350mm 110 - 145A 5kg EL10332
4.0 450mm 150 - 190A 5kg EL10340
5.0 450mm 190 - 240A 5kg EL10350
6.3 450mm 250 - 320A 5kg EL10363