ISOARC 112 - General Purpose

An ideal general purpose electrode that is heavy coated rutile giving a quality finish. Used extensively for burglar bars, gates, framework and fabrications.

ISOARC Maxi Rod E6013

Specially formulated medium - heavy coated mild steel electrode. Can be welded in all positions with a wide amperage range. Ideal for joining and surfacing mild steel in adverse and restrictive conditions.

ISOARC E7024 Iron Powder

Iron powder electrode with high metal recovery and high current carrying capacity. Extremely fast deposition rate. Ideally suited for high speed fillet welding and down-hand butt welds. Very low fume emission.


Isoarc 6011 is primarily used with AC power sources but can be used with DC currents. It has a stable arc with low spatter levels. It is an excellent choice for shipbuilding and structural work.

ISOARC Vytex Premium E6013

Superior general purpose welding electrode for mild steels, medium coated and highly recommended for all positions. Easy to use. Excellent welding characteristics. Remarkably flexible to current settings.

ISOARC E6010 Pipe Welding

Deep arc penetrating electrode with high cellulose sodium type coating. There is a light slag and the rod performs well in the vertical and overhead positions.