ISOARC 2209 - E2209-16
Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes

ISOARC 2209 is a rutile flux coated electrode which deposits a 24%Cr, 10%Ni,3%Mo, 0.014%N duplex stainless steel weld metal having a ferrite content of about Fn30

ISOARC 2209 is designed for welding similar composition duplex stainless steels which offer an excellent combination of high strength and very good resistance to chloride induced pitting or stress corrosion cracking. Applications include offshore platform work, pipework, pipelines process vessels for chloride environments.

Avoid excessive amperage, and use AC or DC straight polarity. Maintain a short arc and use stringer bead or weaving technique. To maintain the good properties of a duplex steel it is of the utmost importance to have a good ferrite content in the weld. Make sure the root gap is sufficient to ensure good penetration. Deformation during welding is a lot less than standard grades of stainless steel

Should electrodes become moist re-dry at 300° C for 1 hour.

AWS E2209-16
EN1600 E 22 9 3 N L R
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE >650-800 N/mm²
YIELD > 610 N/mm²
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.02
Manganese 0.50
Silicone 0.80
Chromium 23.00
Molybdenum 3.00
Nickel 9.00
Nitrogen 0.14

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.5 350mm 60 - 80A 5kg EL20925
3.2 350mm 80 - 120A 5kg EL20932
4.0 350mm 130 - 170A 5kg EL20940
5.0 350mm 160 - 220A 5kg EL20950