Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes
ISOARC 127 E309L-16  

Isoarc 127 features low spatter loss and excellent slag removal. The work surface is smooth and finish free of undercut. The electrode is free from porosity.

Isoarc 127 is a highly alloyed low carbon electrode designed for the dissimilar welding of stainless steel to mild steel or low-alloy steels. It is also well suited for buffer layers when overlay welding on mild steel, giving an 18Cr 8Ni deposit already in the first layer. It can also be used for welding high temperature steels.

To avoid heat accumulation, use low amperage with stringer bead technique. Hold a short arc and remove the slag after each pass. On DC equipment use positive polarity..

If moist re-dry at 350 deg C for 1 hour.

AWS E309L-16
PRODUCT Isoarc 127
DIN E 23 12820
ISO E 23 12 LB 20
EN1600 E23 12L R
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE > 600 N/mm²
YIELD >490 N/mm²
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.03
Manganese Max 1.5
Silicone Max 0.60
Chromium 22.0-25.0
Nickel 12.0-14.0

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.5 350mm 50-80A 6kg EL12725
3.2 350mm 70-100A 6kg EL12732
4.0 350mm 100-140A 6kg EL12740
5.0 350mm 140-180A 6kg EL12750