ISOARC 168 E312-16
Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes 

This highly versatile electrode is extensively used by the maintenance repair man. The high-alloy content, strength and elongation capabilities allow it to solve various problem steel joining applications. The specially formulated coating permits smooth, porosity free, dense deposits free from spatter. Undercutting is eliminated due to ease of welding and control of the arc. Deposit will take high polish.

ISOARC 168 is used on repairs to shafts, pinions, springs, tools and dies, gear-teeth, machine parts, earth moving equipment, agitator blades, pressure vessels and all welds requiring high stress loading capabilities.

To avoid the accumulation of heat, use low amperage with stringer bead technique and a short arc. Intermittent welding can be used especially on high alloy steels. On tool steels, preheat to approximately 200 degrees. Light peening of welds will increase the tensile strength.

Should electrodes become moist re-dry at 350°C for 1 hour

AWS E312-16
DIN E 29 9 R 22
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE > 750 - 850 Mpa
YIELD > 450 N/mm²
HARDNESS +- 200 to 240 BHN
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.09
Manganese 2.50
Phosphorous max 0.04
Silicone max 1.0
Sulphur max0.03
Chromium 30.00
Molybdenum max 0.75
Nickel 10.00

Welding Position

Diameter Length Current Pack Mass Item No
2.5 350mm 50 - 80A 6kg EL12925
3.2 350mm 70 - 120A 6kg EL12932
4.0 350mm 120 - 160A 6kg EL12940
5.0 350mm 180 - 200A 6kg EL12950