Mig Welding Wire

DESCRIPTIONS Stainless Steel
AWS AWS A5.9 ER309Lsi
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE 600 N/mm²
YIELD 400 N/mm²
Min Tensile 510 N/mm
Min Yield Strength 320 N/mm
Min Elongation 25%
amp10 160-220
amp12 200-260
Pack Size 12,5Kg
Shield Gas Ar + 2% O2 or Ar + 2-3% CO2
Heat Input Max. 2.0 kj/mm
Scaling Temperature Approx. 1000ºC (air)
Corrosion Resistance Superior to 308L when surfacing mild steel a corrosion resistance equivalent to ASTM 304 is obtained already in the first bead.
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.02
Manganese 1.80
Silicone 0.8
Chromium 23.5
Nickel 13.5

Welding Position

ER309LSi is a high alloyed 23Cr 13Ni wire primarily intended for surfacing low alloyed steels and dissimilar welding between stainless and mild steel.

When welding stainless steel or low alloyed steels, it is advisable/ necessary to reduce dilution of the weld as much as possible. Welding should therefore be performed with a limited heat input and appropriate bevel angle. Shielding gas recommendations: Ar + 2% O2 or Ar + 2-3% CO2. The addition of O2 or CO2 provides good arc stability. Welding can also be performed using an addition of 30% helium (He) which will also increase the energy of the arc. The fluidity is hereby improved and the weld is generally wider. The welding speed can therefore be increased. Addition of He will increase the blackening slightly. Gas flow rate: 12-16 l/min.