Mig Welding Wire

ER310 is designed for welding high temperature steels such as ASTM 310S and similar.

Mig welding of 310 materials is best performed using spray arc or pulsed arc . The weldability using short arc is somewhat limited and the welding of thin gauges (<3mm) and in-position is best performed using pulsed arc. Shielding gas recommendations: Ar or Ar + 30% He. The helium addition improves the fluidity and gives a slightly wider penetration. Helium increases the energy in the arc and the heat should therefore be kept at a lower level than when welding without helium to compensate for the higher temperature in the arc. Addition of the helium will increase the blackening slightly. Gas flow: 12-16 l/min.

DESCRIPTIONS Stainless Steel
AWS AWS A5.9 ER310
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE 570 N/mm²
YIELD 360 N/mm²
Min Tensile 550 N/mm²
Min Yield Strength 350 N/mm²
Min Elongation 20%
amp10 180-240
amp12 190-250
Pack Size 12,5Kg
Shield Gas Ar or Ar + 30% He.
Heat Input Max. 1.0 kj/mm
Scaling Temperature Approx. 1150ºC (air)
Corrosion Resistance Intended primarily for constructions running at high temperatures. The wet corrosion properties are moderate.
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.12
Manganese 1.60
Silicone 0.35
Chromium 25.5
Nickel 21

Welding Position