Tig Welding Wire
904L TIG

DESCRIPTIONS Stainless Steel
AWS AWS A5.9 ER385
Mechanical Properties
TENSILE 610 N/mm²
YIELD 410 N/mm²
Min Tensile 510 N/mm²
Min Yield Strength 320 N/mm²
Min Elongation 25%
amp16 80-110
Pack Size 5Kg
Shield Gas The most frequently used shielding gas is pure argon with a gas flow of 6-8 l/min.
Heat Input Max.1.5kj/mm
Scaling Temperature Approx. 1000ºC (air)
Corrosion Resistance Very good in non-oxidising environments such as sulphuric or phosphoric acids. Very good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride containing Environments. Excellent resistance to general corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.
Chemical Analysis
Carbon 0.01
Manganese 1.70
Silicone 0.35
Chromium 20
Molybdenum 4.5
Nickel 25.5
Copper 1.5

Welding Position

904L is intended for welding 904L and similar grades. 904L is very well suited for use in constructions of the ASTM 316 type, where a ferrite-free weld metal is required, e.g. in cryogenic or non magnetic applications. The impact strength at low temperatures is excellent.

904L has a relatively good resistance, provided that the welding has been carried out carefully i.e. by minimizing the dilution and by keeping the heat input at max 1.5 kj/mm. The material should also be allowed to cool down to 100ºC before the next run is welded.