Maxximize your horizon.

  • 6-times larger field-of-view compared to standard helmets
  • Fully-automated shade level adjustment
  • True Color View
  • Shade level 2.5 in inactive mode
  • New energy concept with Lithium-polymere battery

So wide. So light. So true color.

You’ve never seen welding this way before.

With panoramaxx optrel introduces a never seen before world of viewing to the welder. The nose cut-out brings the ADF closer to your eyes. As with eyeglasses, the ADF‘s frame becomes almost invisible to the welder, increasing the field of view by more than 6 times. Nevertheless, the panoramaxx is a real lightweight at only 550 g.

Panorama field of vision

The panoramaxx offers a 6 times larger field of vision than standard welding helmets – and is still a lightweight at only 550 g.


True color view

A specially developed UV/IR filter allows the realistic color perception typical of optrel, bringing color to the welder’s world.


Detection of the arc brightness and fully automated shade level adjustment from 5 to 12.


* If preferred, the Autopilot can be deactivated for manual shade level selection.

State-of-the-Art power technology

With its rechargeable power-pack, changing batteries is no longer necessary.


Multi-Sensor Detection

The completely redesigned controls of the 5-sensor array ensure the perfect regulation of the auto-darkening filter.


Maxximize your horizon.

lAll innovations in one product.

optrel's think tank has dealt intensely with the topic of how to expand the field of vision and is now in a position to introduce an uncompromising solution. Thanks to the unique glare protection cartridge with a nose cut-out, the display – which is optimal from an ergonomic perspective – is positioned closer to the eye and thus enlarges the field of vision six-fold in comparison to conventional welding masks without adding to the weight.

The panorama view in connection with the 2.5 brightness level – as well as the detailed colour rendering – makes it possible for the welder to experience an entirely new visual dimension.

The panoramaxx features the patented optrel auto-pilot function. This is based on a unique sensor concept that measures the brightness of the welding arc and then automatically adjusts the correct blackness value of the glare protection cartridge.

With panoramaxx, optrel also embarks on a new era with regards to energy supplies. Featuring a high-performance solar cell and a lithium-polymer energy pack that can be recharged with a USB- cable, the panoramaxx is fast becoming the energy-independent, maintenance-free welding helmet for professional users.

The panoramaxx combines the latest optrel innovations of the most recent product ranges with an unprecedented panorama view – the most advanced welding helmet of its time.

Fields of Application

  • Elektrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW)
  • GMAW High melting rate process
  • Flux Cored Wire Welding
  • TIG Welding (GTAW)
  • Plasma Arc Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Gas Welding
  • Grind Mode



panoramaxx welding helmet, black
panoramaxx welding helmet PAPR, black
Article Nr. Description Units Image
5002.900 parking buddy for weldcap and optrel welding helmets 1
8000.100 Helmet backpack - black/green 1
5000.270 Front cover lens panoramaxx 5
5000.010 Inside cover lens panoramaxx 5
5004.020 comfort band for headband 2
5004.073 Sweatband 2
5003.263 Comfort head band panoramaxx - black/green, panoramaxx 1
5003.600 Nose guard pad 2
5003.520 Cover for Micro USB connection 2
5010.001 Micro USB charger cable 1
5000.150 Magnifying lens +1.00 - panoramaxx 1
5000.151 Magnifying lens +1.50 - panoramaxx 1
5000.152 Magnifying lens +2.00 - panoramaxx 1
5000.153 Magnifying lens +2.50 - panoramaxx 1
4028.015 Chest protection leather 1
4028.016 Head & neck protection leather 1
4160.400 Faceseal for PAPR helmet 1
4551.024 e3000 air hose holder 1
4028.031 Head & neck protection leather PAPR 1

Technical Data

Shade levels
inactive: shade level 2,5
active, manual: shade level 7-12
 Automatic protection level regulation across a range from 5-12 with individual calibration option of ± 2
Power supply
Solar cells, lithium-polymer battery, rechargeable by USB-cable
Battery life
300 to 500 charging cycles
Five Sensors
Infinitely adjustable, now with “super high” sensitivity
Switching time
bright to dark:
0.090 ms at room temperature at 55°C
0.070 ms at 55°C
dark to bright:
0.1 s to 2.0 s (with dimming function)
Field of vision
Depending on headband setting, 2.3x to 6.3x field of vision of a 100 x 50 mm standard industry ADF
EN379 classification
Optical class: 1
Scattered light: 1
Homogeneity: 1
Angular dependence: 2
Shape stability
Welding mask: up to 220 °C / 428 °F
Front cover lens: up to 137 °C / 279 °F
Eye protection
Ultraviolet / Infrared Protection: maximum protection at any shade level
Operating temperature
-10°C to + 70°C / 14°F to 158°F
Storage temperature
-20°C to + 80°C / -4°F to 176°F
530 g / 18,7 oz
Scope of delivery
Welding helmet, manual, storage bag, Micro USB cable, warranty card and one front cover lens
2 years
1 year warranty extension (except batteries) for online product registration within the first 6 months.

Further information

For further information pls refer to your optrel partner next to you or to our customer service.